Civil Investigations

  • Domestics - Infidelity/ Child Custody
  • Fraud - Real Estate/ Bankruptcy/ Wills
  • Personal Injury/ Wrongful Death
  • Surveillance/ Decoy
  • Attorney Litigation Support Services
  • Loss Prevention & Security Compliance

Background Investigations

  • Locates/ Associates/ Relatives
  • Criminal & Civil History
  • Employment Locates
  • Court Research

Asset Recovery

  • Judgment Recovery
  • Employment Locates & Verification
  • Bank Accounts/ Brokerage/ Property

Patricia Lane Investigations



Political Due Diligence

  • Background Research
  • Surveillance/ Associates
  • Political History

Missing Persons

Partnered with Child Rescue Network and Investigators in Georgia and Texas, our team travels across the US in search for missing children and adults. 

Criminal Defense Investigations

  • Forsyth County Indigent Defense Panel Investigator
  • Witness Locates/ Interviews/ Subpoena Service
  • Evidence/ Scene Documentation
  • Affidavits/ Notary
  • Attorney Litigation Support Services